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GROWN UP was founded in 1979 in Hong Kong and has been running self-owned factories ever since. The main focus has been to develop healthy long-term relationships and to support our customers’ competitive edge. We believe that this philosophy has been responsible for our constant growth.

We have built up our international reputation by constantly supplying high quality products to customers in all the leading markets (Europe, Japan and USA).

1979: GROWN UP Manufactory established in Hong Kong
1997: GROWN UP Europe (Hamburg, Germany) established
1999: Prepared for first ISO 9001 certification
2000: New facilities in Shenzhen to increase capacity for the growing demand
2001: Cooperation with Nike Corp. as leading supplier initiated
2003: Upstart of specialized production lines for world leading medical brands
2005: New production facilities in the JiangXi province established
2005: GROWN UP Scandinavia (Aarhus, Denmark) established
2006: GROWN UP America (Seattle, USA) established
2007: Initiates cooperation with Adidas as leading supplier
2008: Initiates cooperation with VF (Eastpak) for design and production
2010: Man Wah factory transitioned into a full luggage production facility
2011: GROWN UP enters partnership with several factories throughout China
2012: GROWN UP gets BSCI approval on 8 of our factories
2012: GROWN UP EUROPE (HAMBRUG; GERMANY) activities moved to Aarhus, Denmark
2014: GROWN UP Celebrates our 35th anniversary
2016: GROWN UP opens new Development Centre and Production Lab in PingDi, Shenzhen